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If you are looking for a different kind of event or incentive programme for your corporation or group, then why not check below on our hot air balloon flights combined with spa, cuisine or cultural activities in the Vic and Osuna area, province of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.


Hot air balloon flights for events and team building activities in Vic, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The hot air balloon flight company, based in Vic, province of Barcelona, is specialized in outdoor events, apart from organizing other kind of activities for corporations and groups. These events are set up for firms, aimed especially at its management. These activities are mainly based on team work, guidelines set by companies to achieve specific goals, motivation, formation, personnel development and positive identification with values.

Balloon Outdoor Events.

Adventure balloon flights or balloon team building directed to promote relationships, cohesive teams and motivate the participants in a dynamic, lively, and an exciting way. An ideal complement for business meetings, conventions or incentives. They may be standard or combinable products with other adventurous or in the open air or just tailored to every client. In this case, amusement is very important, team work and of course, the adventure as a driving force to self-excelling.

For rides together with sports activities such as a Harley Davidson ride, quads, karts or gymkhana, please check here.

Some of the options you can choose from, are as follows:

Balloon & Culture: Two activities combined, such as an active activity, a balloon-ride and then, a visit to the Episcopal Museum ( Vic ), or the romanic monastery Monestir Romanic de Sant Pere de Caserres XI.C, or the historic centre of Vic. Price per person 170 Euros + 10 % VAT (balloon-ride, typical brunch and one of the indicated monumental visits).

A perfect day: The right decision for relaxing and easing up stress: A hot air balloon ride over the mountain and an anti-stress session at Codina Spa in Tona. Price per person 225 Euros + 10 % VAT, (balloon ride, Codina Spa session, typical brunch and diploma).

The best of the day: A special product for a complete relax doing three different activities, saying good-bye to stress and above all, having great fun! A quiet balloon-ride in the morning and then, anti-stress-treatment at Codina Spa in Tona. End the day with a delicious gastronomic meal at one of the Osona cuina restaurants. Price per person 285 Euros + 10 % VAT (hot-air balloon ride, gastronomic tasting - meal, anti-stress treatment at Codina Spa, Tona and flight diploma).

Balloon & Wine – A World of new sensations: The right corporate event of a special experience as a gift, a balloon-ride gives you an extraordinary feeling and afterwards, a tasting of very good wine from our homeland to continue the world of sensations and wittiness of heartfelt. It is the best incentive for clients, collaborators, company staff, etc. Price per person 195 Euros + 10% VAT (balloon ride, wine tasting with oenologists, cheese and cold meat and diploma).

Balloon, culture & gastronomy: This product is meant for people who want to combine various feelings or sensations such as: First a hot air balloon ride, then a cultural visit to the Vic Episcopal Museum (one of the most important Romanic Museums in the World) and afterwards a complete gastronomic lunch offered by one of the Osona cuina restaurants. Price per person: 245 Euros + 10 % VAT (balloon-ride, cultural visit, gastronomic menu and flight diploma ).

Balloon & Calçotada. Incentive idea for the personnel of the company, clients, suppliers or a great day-off celebration of the company or entity. The activity consists of a balloon-ride for a group of people whatever their link to the company. The aim is to have a funfilled day. The difference here is that we end up the activity with a calçotada (typical grilled fresh onions with a lovely sauce). This activity can only be done in the months of January, February and March. Price per person: 185 Euros + 10 % VAT, (balloon-ride, calçotada and diploma).

Fly and cook a gastronomic menu: First, a balloon-ride; a balloon competition is organized by grouping the participants into teams. A team for each balloon, being necessary that every team puts into practice its ability of concentration, orientation and group work. They will experiment a new and real adventure based on new experience within a relaxed, friendly and competitive atmosphere. Second, eat what your team cooks under the direction, advice and supervision of a team of chefs and professional cooks from Osona cuina restaurants. The same teams which have first participated in the balloon competition, now carry out a cooking contest “A Gastronomic Menu” at a cooking factory. At the end, without any doubt, you will have experienced a new sensation after flying balloon, competing and tasting a menu cooked by every team. Price per person 325 Euros + 10% VAT. Minimum group 10 people (includes the balloon flight championship, cooking gastronomic lesson, lunch and flight diploma).

Competition sensations: The first feeling is a balloon-ride. This is to organize a balloon competition by grouping the participants into teams; a team for each balloon, being necessary that every team puts into practice its ability of concentration, orientation and group work. In both activities, you will experiment a new and real adventure based on new experience within a friendly and competitive atmosphere. The second sensation, eat what your team prepares under the direction, advice and supervision of a team of professional cooks. The same teams carry out a contest of cooking Paellas. The aim of this activity is to test the group´s inventiveness, skillfulness and distress. Without any doubt, you will experience something new by cooking as a team and then, try and taste each others dish. Price per person 225 Euros + 10 % VAT with a minimum group of 10 (a balloon-ride without competition, ingredients for paella contest, lunch and flight diploma). Price per person 350 Euros + 10 % VAT. Minimum group of 10 (balloon-championship, necessary ingredients for paella contest, lunch and diploma).

Balloons Championship + Magic Training - Team Building: This activity deals with organizing a balloon championship by dividing the participants into teams with a different number of people, a team in each balloon. This activity requires each team´s ability of concentration, orientation and group work. A new activity begins right after lunch. The Magic Training-Team Building is an amusing-skilled workshop to learn how to play magic. Participants are taught how to play magic, and they in turn, reproduce in presence of their mates in a team contest (ideal to provide an incentive, cohesion and motivation for teams). Price per person 290 Euros + 10 % VAT, with a minimum group of 10 people ( both activities, typical lunch and flight-diploma).

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