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Advertisement of accommodation for holiday rental of houses, apartments, hotels and hostals in Spain


If you are thinking of how to reach national and international clients, taking into account that Internet connection at home in many countries is usually higher than in Spain (only in Europe more than 100 millions) and besides, holiday seasons take place in different dates as ours, then this site is what you are looking for.

Apart from English, we ellaborate complete pages in Spanish and German. Indicate, if you think there's need for it, which languages you use to communicate with your clients.

access Google Google, one of the most technologically advanced search machines and even more daily used by navigators from all over the world, show us within different options in the FIRST POSITIONS OF SEARCH RESULTS, in English, German, as well as in Spanish.

According to your preferences, we offer several options for you to promote your accommodation:

To see search options for visitors click here.
Basic data in 1, 2 or 3 languages
The information includes name and type of accommodation, category, town, province, Autonomous Community, maximum capacity, basic rate VAT included and way of contact ( i.e. web link). 1 photo included.
Complete pages

In case you don't have an own web site, are thinking of an additional publication or want to get yourself known not only in English but also in Spanish and/ or German, we offer you the possibility of an individual page designed by us. With this kind of publicity, the accommodation is shown in a more complete and attractive way: Photos and all kind of information is included such as: Description, features, surroundings and activities, map of location and complete rates. The page will be elaborated according to indications and criteria of the owner, as he/ she knows best which kind of information may draw the visitor's attention.

Also included: Addition in search engines, personal web page, change of text and photos, basic data and contact form for visitors (optional). Possibility to be included in the offers without extra cost.

Additional insertion
see example (sports)
info in each option

With an extra cost of only between 20% and 50% over the chosen option, your accommodation will have a wider presence in our web. The categories to choose from are: Adventure & sports, ideal for children, eldery people, handicapped people.

Special promotion
see example (central column of menu)
SpainDreams offers you the possibility to highlight your accommodation in our portal. Choose between the three options of location which best fits to your preferences within each language offered.
Service & collaboration
Free of charge! Addition and insertion of your accommodation's data in our website in English, Spanish and German. Simply fill in the form and let us know the percentage of commission to be paid in case that reservations are made through of our web.
For any enquiry or comment, send us an e-mail to