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Terms and conditions as indicated by the Madrid located travel company regarding prices and bookings, as well as the cancellation policy & refunds in case of bookings for any of the Spain food and wine gourmet tours, hands-on cooking classes, tapas and sightseeing tours offered:


Prices and bookings:

Contact us in order to quote you a tour, excursion or activity and to check on availability and departure dates. Payment will be in Euros.


In order to confirm your reservation an upfront deposit of 10% of the trip total per person is due at least 60 days before date of departure and 90 days for dates during high season.

Complete payment:

Payment in full is required within 30 days prior to the tour's start date. If payment is not received at the due date, we, the agency, will understand that you desist from reservation and keep the deposit as cancellation expenses.

Cancellation Policy & Refunds:

We, the agency, strictly adhere to its cancellation policy and cannot make exceptions. In the event you cancel your trip you will compensate the agency for management expenses in the following way depending on cancellation notice:

Before 30 days of departure, you will forfeit the 10% deposit
Between 30 and 15 days, 15% charge of total price
Between 15 and 7 days, 25% of total price
In the prior week before departure, 40 % of total price
The same day, 100%

If you do not want a cancellation penalty we can offer you a “cancellation credit” for future tours, valid for one year from the start date of the originally scheduled tour.

We, the agency, are not responsible for expenses incurred in the eventuality of cancelled trips, such as airline tickets.

We, the agency, are not responsible if the client arrives late at the designated place and time of departure.

Refunds :

We reserve the right to cancel a tour if the number of reservations is not large enough to operate without a loss. In that case the agency will give the choice, 15 days prior to departure, to either being fully refunded or accepting a group surcharge and continue with your tour.

There will be no refunds for any unused portion of the tour decided by the client or if he/she arrives late at the designated time and place or leaves a tour early.

We, the agency, will revert on the client those economical consequences caused by cancellation of any services not given during the tour, if this was clearly explained in the publicity of the route or was clarified when making the reservation.

Change of hotels or services: The agency reserves the right to modify itineraries and/or substitute services, hotels, restaurants or wineries of equal quality, according to availability.

Guests must provide a signed "Release of Liability and Assumption of All Risks” prior to trip departure to be permitted to join the trip.

Tour Insurance Protection:

We highly recommend you purchase a Travel Insurance to prevent cancellation charges in case of illness, accident, or other situations causing you to cancel your holiday.

We count on our clients to be physically healthy, however we require that you have a Medical Insurance covering full medical expenses, personal accident, accidental loss, public liability and damage to property, before joining us on a culinary tour.

We accept no responsibilities for these items.


Legal notice and disclaimer of SpainDreams:

We remind you, as indicated in our web, that SpainDreams does not endorse and will not be held liable for claims whatsoever, content or validity regarding the information published or forwarded of the gourmet routes.

Please find below some of the gourmet tours offered. For enquiries just send us an e-mail to the following address, indicating name, number of people, dates and requirements (this also includes other options in case you for example prefer other cities, less or more days). Any enquiry will be forwarded onto the company and they will answer you as soon as possible with the necessary details:
Kind of activity:
Starts in:
Price per person in Euros:
Avant-garde & traditional cooking lessons, wine, beach and monuments along Dali´s route
7 days, 6 nights
4 + people - 1.594
Cooking class, tapas & cultural weekend in Barcelona Barcelona 2 days 4 + people - 360 read more
Tapas, sightseeing and cooking day in Barcelona Barcelona 1 day 4 + people - 212 read more
Hands-on cooking class and tapas in Madrid, Salamanca tour, Spanish cured ham and bulls Madrid 5 days, 4 nights
4 + people - 1.133
read more
Tapas tour, cooking classes & cultural weekend in Madrid Madrid 2 days 4 + people - 398 read more
Sightseeing, tapas and cooking class day in Madrid Madrid 1 day 4 + people - 247 read more
Classic Rioja wine and food tour for incentive travel, corporate event or just for holiday
7 days, 6 nights
4 + people - 1.631
Ribera del Duero and La Rioja wine and gourmet tour as well as sightseeing in Castile and Leon
7 days, 6 nights
4 + people - 1.558
Hands-on cooking class with traditional / modern Spanish or Basque cuisine recipes San Sebastian 1/2 day 4 people - 135 read more
Culinary tour to discover Andalusian flavours like Sherry, Iberian ham or olive oil. Hands-on cooking classes and visit of The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Flamenco
6 days, 5 nights
4 + people - 1.608
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