With these "technical cards in your hands", you are able to get the latest offers on two centres in love with sports and adventures: Our Company and "The Association of Professional Guides of Sierra de Guara" (AGPSG).
"Expediciones", is a pioner of canyoning in Europe. We are proud of having successfully carried out more than 15,000 tours, and shared our passion and experience in canyons, establishing our position every year as the leader in the field.
The AGPSG considers safety as its number one priority. Thanks to its professional approach, it is very quickly becoming stronger in this field. It doesn´t happen by chance, if the training courses that they are organizing have more and more success. Every year there are dozens of guides, and speleologists, new and senior probationers, who come to learn or improve their office or security on canyoning. Our guides have not lost their enthusiasm in their 17 years of experience. These certificated specialists in the activities they carry out with maximum safety are, above all, available to you. It is you who motivate us to search for new routes, and new sensations.
17 years of experience and training are important. The result: zero accidents.
Information: There are detailed programmes of each destination available to you in which you will find a description of the tour and practical requirements.
active tourism Huesca, Aragon, SpainWe have set up our "base camp" in the province of Huesca, an idilic place in the heart of Sierra de Guara. It is in the middle of a pine tree forest (3 hectares) where we have created a family atmosphere. There you will find a restaurant, bar open until late, meeting point, touristic information, equipment facilities, guides' office, climbing wall, grocery shop, etc. A parking has been built outside the camp, in order to preserve peace and quietness. The "base camp" offers you every comfort including basic facilities for both, men and women (showers, hot and cold water, WC, etc...according to European Health Regulations), everything with an exotic taste and adapted to a natural and adventure environment.
For nightly accommodation, the "base camp" offers you a four-person tent with matress´ for every two people. The full board option includes meals at the restaurant. For the daytime, the cook will prepare your picnic. For stays out of season, there is a refuge available with the same sanitary facilities.
Activities are assured by qualified Spanish and French canyon guides, who have a perfect knowledge of the places. All the necessary equipment will be given to you: neopren dress (wet suite), safety harness, etc...and transport in FWD vehicles is also provided.
By choosing us, you choose safety, expertise and comfort for your stay. The MOST in CANYONING.

Canyons & Ravines: From Saturday to Saturday

Canyoning programme – for persons without sportiv experience – for individuals or groups – from Saturday to Saturday – full-board in owned structures – including all tecnical equipment, neoprensuits, individual assistant insurance and C.R., taxes – transports at the site and go and return Sierra-Pau – maximum groupes of 12 persons – professional guides of A.G.P.S.G.
For exclusive groupes, minimum 6 people, dates to agree the whole year on.

Programme MeetingPoint/Lodging Groups Services Equipment Dates/Prices


The Sierra de Guara- origin of canyoning -is a region located in an area 80 Km. south of the Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca.
It hash more than 70 canyons of different levels over a range of 20 Km. and they are undoubtly the reference for every good expert in this field.
Going through the canyons, gorges and scenaries is a wonderful experience.
Our expedition starts at Pau's station, on a marvelous one-day trip and it will lead you to discover the French and Spanish Pyrenees; the former are green while the latter are nearly desert. Quite often the clouds over the French side disappear miraculously from the the "Col de Pourtalet" and appear in the Spanish heat.
From the second to the seventh daytrip, our group will walk on foot through a gorgeous land full of mystic names (and less anchorite ones) which remain as hermits in ruins, haunted ghosts at the canyon's bottom.
This damned-land feeling, this huge desolation is stressed now by the presence of abandoned farmhouses, cottages, dry stones and tiled roofs.
In order to reach the trails that lead to the canyons, we will often use four-wheel-drive vehicles (FWDV), avoiding walking on the burning asphalt under the soorching sun. Every day we will go down the canyons, which are several hundred meters deep, made of calcareous rocks. Then, we will go along the canyons' routes which have been eroded by water over the centuries.
Waterfalls, pools, chaos, caverns, narrow streams places where the sun does not touch the water; a crazy world that could seem inspirated by Gaudí; we will discover it as we swim, climb, while we let the water take us down slides.
Beauty and strong sensations will bring up our own possibilities.
Sometimes, a cascade or a difficult passage will require rappeling; at this point we will set up ropes and this way, we will be able to jump while being comfortably tied by our safety harness and then we will go down with the help of a mechanical device. This technique, which is extremely easy, will be previously taught.
Contrary to the morning walking habits, in Sierra de Guara we will begin later in the morning so the sun has already warmed up the crystalline waters. Frequently, we will wear neoprene clothes wet suits to feel more comfortable.
Groups can consist of variety and experiencie . Healthy teenager, adults or youngstess whith much or little experiencie of mountains activities can take part.
Our goal is to share with you our love of nature, giving you a full guarantee of an exceptional adventure with full safety.
Stays and technical organization will be guaranteed by mountain professionals who work as guides, lifeguards, climbing and skiing coaches the whole year. They are highly experienced on mountain activities as well as on expeditions all over the world.

active tourism Huesca, Aragon, SpainROUTE:

1. DAY: We will meet at Pau station at four p.m.                  
Transportation by taxi or minibus to the place where we will be staying.
Once we arrive to Sierra de Guara natural reservation we will settle at the organization's base camp.
In the evening we will have dinner at the camp's restaurant.
Those who come with their own vehicle will meet at our Camping in the province of Huesca.
2. to 7. DAY: The excursions around Sierra de Guara, the route and the choice on the canyons will be managed by the guide in charge, taking into account weather conditions and the participants' level of ability.
8. DAY: Breakfast and return to Pau (arrival around 16h.).
OF INTEREST: There will not be any housework; dinner will be served at the camp's restaurant.
Light equipment; there will not be any walking on the burning asphalt. A vehicle intended for rough lands will take us to the starting point.
Discovery of an amazing world next to France.
ADVICE: To be able to swim 100 meters with no difficulty!

EQUIPMENT: One big bag with no metall frame, one small bag for every day (any type!), sleeping bag, pocket torchlight, two pairs of sport shoes (tennis type) with shoe strings (walking in the water!), long trousers, old shorts, thin shirts, one thick pullover, swimming costumes, one thin raincoat, sun hat, sun glasses, knife, water bottle, sun lotion, anti-insect lotion, first-aid kit, one airtight bag or box for your camera (clothes and bag better to be old).
WEATHER: Hot and sunny. Chilly nights, storms may occur.

GROUPS: 12 persons maximum (minimum age: 12). At certain times departures are guaranteed for groups of 1 person to 12.
REQUIREMENTS: I.D. card or valid passport.

- A Spanish guide (speaking English, French or German) will drive the vehicle (minibus or Land-Rover) and he will organize the whole stay.
Nightly accommodation is provided in a four-person tent (igloo type) for every two persons, in a base camp entirely made of wood; which is located in the heart of a forest has every comfort that you need: showers, bar, restaurant, climbing wall, etc.
- The setting up and the removal of the base camp, cooking and housework will be done by our staff.
- Walks are neither difficult nor dangerous; most of the time, you'll go by the canyons' shadow.
In the daytrips that include three to six hours walking, you take a four Kilograms bag (with lunch, neopren clothes, personal items); a little more in case of having to bivouac.

Transportation from Pau to Sierra de Guara and back. All the transports on the site, either by taxi or FWDV.
A Spanish guide (speaking English, French or German).
Full board, except for drinks and personal expenses.
You will be provided with the all the equipment: Climbing set (safety harness, ropes, etc.), combinated neoprene clothes (Monoshorts type), a four-person tent for every two persons, air beds (Karimat type), cooking items.



* APRIL 12 & 19, MAY 24, JUNE 7.

From JUNE 14 to SEPTEMBER 27 guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people.

(*) Mentioned dates with a minimum group of 6 people. For exclusive groups, minimum 6 people, during the whole year. Dates to agree.

RATE CAŅONES & BARRANCOS: 400 Euros per person


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