Canyoning programme – for persons without sportiv experience – for groups – from Saturday to Saturday – full-board in hotel – in spring, autumn and winter – including all technical equipment, neoprensuits, individual assistant insurance and C.R., taxes – transports at the site – maximum groupes of 10 persons – professional guides of A.G.P.S.G.

Groups minimum 6 people, dates to agree the whole year on. 


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MAJORCA, a Mediterranean island, well known all around the world, especially "Tramuntana", the mountain range that stretches along the whole northern coast, still full of secrets well defended by its rocky architecture.
Our activities take place in "Sierra de Tramuntana", a place of a remarkable beauty, where its landscape greatness does not lay in the height of its steep peaks but in the harmony given by the contrast of blue sea against the green and red of the lands and the grey of the mountains.
We will enjoy this marvellous view every time we reach the goal of our excursions: the canyons (named here "torrents").
From the second to the seventh daytrip our group will walk on foot and swim through an amazing land, and we will discover the traces of a human culture: stone trails, olive and carob trees terraces with ghostly shapes which still cover the highest and inaccessible places of the mountains' sides, abandoned for a long time.
Every day we will go down the canyons and we will go on along their routes, carved in calcareous rock, which have been eroded by the water and wind's strength for centuries, fanciful, aware of the lack of water.
Deep and narrow steeps will open suddenly at the end of a rappeling, showing us an amazing view of the valley's bottom wrapped by their walls and the blue and magnificient sea.
Cascades, chaos, caverns, narrow streams, where the sun does not touch the water till zenith; a crazy world that could seem inspired by Gaudí; we will discover it as we climb and sometimes swim.
Sometimes a cascade or a difficult passage will require rappeling; at this point we will set up ropes and this way, we will be able to jump while being comfortably tied by our safety harness and going down with the help of a mechanical device. This technique, which is extremely easy will be taught beforehand.
Beauty and strong sensations will help you discover you own possibilities.
In certain canyons we will use neoprene clothes for our comfort and sometimes a FWDV will transport us to the trails which lead to the canyons, avoiding walking on the asphalt.
Groups can be integrated by either teenagers or adults from everywhere with none, little or a lot of experience on mountain activities as long as they are healthy and sporty.
Our goal is to share with you our love for nature, giving you full guarantee of an exceptional adventure with full safety.
Stays and technical organization will be guaranteed by mountain professionals who work as guides, lifeguards, climbing and skiing coaches the whole year. They are highly experienced on mountain activities as well as on expeditions all over the world.

active tourism Mallorca, SpainROUTE:
1st. DAY: Arrival at Palma de Majorca airport (Balearic Islands-Spain).
Departure to the port of Soller traveling across the mountains by a little train made of wood, built at the begining of this century. Accommodation in a hotel (at Soller). In the evening we will have dinner in a restaurant.

2nd. to 7th. DAY:
The excursions, the routes and the choice on the canyons will be managed by the guide in charge, taking into account weather conditions and the participants' level.
8th. DAY: Breakfast and return to Palma de Majorca airport.
You will explore one of the most outstanding natural spaces, unknown, protected and far away from usual touristic circuits, in a relaxed, dynamic and international atmosphere.
ADVICE: To be able to swim 100 meters with no difficulty.
One big bag with no metallic frame, one small bag for every day pocket torchlight, two pairs of sport shoes (tennis type) with shoe strings (walking in the water!) , long trousers, old shorts, thin shirts, one thick pullover, swimming suits, one thin raincoat, sun cap, sun glasses, knife, water bottle, sun lotion, first-aid kit, one airtight bag or box for your camera.
WEATHER: Mediterranean type. Mild temperatures at this period of the year. Chilly nights in winter (programmed period).

GROUPS: Maximum: 10 persons (minimum age: 14).


REQUIREMENTS: I.D. card or valid passport.
A Spanish guide (speaking English, French or German) will drive the vehicle (minibus or Land-Rover) and he will organize the whole stay.
Nightly accommodation in sheltersor, hotels. Walks are neither difficult nor dangerous and they are generally carried out in the canyons' shadow. In the daytrips that include four to six hours walking, you take a four Kilogramm bag (with lunch, neoprene clothes, personal items).

A Spanish guide (speaking English, French or German).
All transports in the area.
Full board (except one meal at your expense). Drinks and personals expenses are not included.
Picnic for lunch. Hot meal in the evening at a restaurant.
You will be provided with the whole equipment: Climbing set (safety harness, ropes, etc.), combinated neoprene clothes (Monoshorts type).


Programme in Spring, Autumn and Winter. From Saturday to Saturday.
Accommodation in hotel without charge.
Maximum groups of 10 people.

For exclusive groups, minimum 6 people, during the whole year. Dates to agree.


Rate CANYONS & TORRENTS ON MAJORCA: 680 Euros per person


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