House Casa Mariñeira Lourdes Cambados, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
Country house Casa Mariñeira Lourdes

Casa Mariñeira Lourdes is located in Cambados (Pontevedra). It is an ancient farmhouse used as store for sailors' tools since the middle of the XXth century. Nowadays it has turned into a restored house of rural tourism.

The accommodation consists of a double building joined by a terrace-courtyard from which viewing La Ría de Arosa, the area of muscle trays, lighthouses and signs, turns into a wonderful experience.


Casa Mariñeira Lourdes offers you attractive activities for you to enjoy your leisure time during your holidays in Galicia, Spain.

Strolls through la ria on board of a sport motorboat:

  • 1) Departure from the Cambados harbour - Visit to la Peninsula de O Grove, the Arosa island and to a muscles bed.
  • 2) Departure from the Cambados harbour - Vist to Aguiño, Sálvora island, Santa Eugenia de Ribeira and the archipielago of Xidoiros (or Areoso Island).
muscles bed

For those keen on the sea and water sports we offer:

  • a) Practise water-skiing by a strong motorboat in tow through la ría de Arosa
  • Recommended equipment: Suit and boats of neophreno (provided by Casa Mariñeira Lourdes) and gloves
  • b) Spend with five friends of yours a full day trip on board of a strong motorboat passing through the rías of Arosa, Pontevedra and Vigo:
Departure from the Cambados harbour - Visit to a muscles bed, O Grove, Santa Eugenia Riveira and Aguiño, the Savora and Rúa islands and the archipielago Xidoiros (or Areoso island).

After a nourishing home-made picnic (Galician pies, Spanish omelettes,etc...) we'll start for the ría of Vigo to the Cíes islands, we'll also visit the isles of Ons and Onsa. At dusk return trip to the Cambados harbour.

Recommended equipment: suntan cream, swimsuit, sun glasses, hat/ cap, towel and waterproof camera.

The Wine Route:

  • Friday: Welcome and lodging in Casa Mariñeira Lourdes
  • Saturday: Morning: Breakfast and visit to a wine cellar (to be arranged). Afternoon: Relaxing stroll by boat through the ría of Arousa. Night: Dinner of "buen yantar" (to eat in plenty and good food) consisting of seafood dish and Albariño wine
  • Sunday: Breakfast and touristic visit to the "Etnographic and Wine Museum"

What to see: Remains of Santa Mariá, the Wine Museum and the Pastora viewpoint (less than 100 mts away); Pazos (Galician country houses) of Fefiñáns, Torrado, Bazán, Ulloa and Monte Sacro; Tower of San Sadorniño, churches of San Benito and San Francisco; Chapels of Hospital, la Pastora, Santa Margarita and Valvanera.

Note: Should weather conditions allow it, the trips will be undertaken on weekends and holidays. Departures from Casa Mariñeira Lourdes.



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