Canoeing in Avila Embalse de Burguillo, Avila, Castile and Leon, Spain
canoeing Avila, Castile and Leon, Spain

We are located at the Embalse del Burguillo (dam of Burguillo), in the province of Avila (Castilla and Leon). We are devoted to canoeing and kayaking activities, both in calm and brave waters as well as in sport rivers. Such activities can be carried out with or without guide.


We are the unique canoeing-devoted company which works all-the-year-round: Renting, activities, kayaks and accessories selling, training courses, freestyle courses, etc. Almost unlimited places.

We also adapt canoes to make them suitable for handicapped people.


Descent of calm, brave and sport rivers with guide:

Alberche River - Alberche River high watercourse - Tormes River -Tormes River high watercourse - Esla River - Tajo River - Pisuerga River - Carrion River - Noguera River.

river descent in Avila, Castile and Leon, Spain

These activities can be practised in different rivers and with variable lengths.


Descent along Alberche River:

The choice of the Alberche River is a classical in the practise of this activity. It is 30 years ago since it was descented for the first time although the whole river bed couldn't be covered.

It rises in La Sierra de Gredos and gives name to the so-called Valle del Alberche, located in the province of Avila and surrounded by well-known towns such as Hoyocasero, Navaluenga and Burgohondo.


active tourism and adventure in Avila, Spain
canoeing Avila, Castile and Leon, Spain

The three different stretches of its bed make it a river suitable for beginners, not very experienced and skilled canoeists. You'll get easily to Alto Alberche taking the N-403 Toledo-Avila road and the detour to Navaluenga and from there, to the place chosen to begin the descent. Close to the detour (km 101,400) you will find our company, where you can ask for information and hire or buy all the necessary equipment.

The most common stretch to be descented has a length of 15,750 kmts. and begins in Puente del Arco, in Burgohondo down to La Fabrica de Luz Sierra in Navaluenga, at the beginning of Embalse del Burguillo. When the depth of the dam is lower than 735 mts, we can descent nearly 1 km more of brave waters as far as the so-called "Curva de los Italianos" or Recula.

We offer to you the following courses: Canoeing training courses for adventure instructors- Swimming pool esquimotaje courses - Rodeo courses- Kayak - Surf - Beginners, instructors courses and FEP oficial diplomas.


Rates in Euros, VAT included:
River descent without guide:
  • Complete equipment hiring: 18,00 Euros/day
  • Kayak hiring without equipment: 11,00 Euros/day
  • Personal assistance insurance: 1,25 Euros/day
  • Equipment: Kayak, paddle, officially approved lifevest, helmet, bathcover, neopreno, pumps and raincoat
  • The two-seater kayak will be charged as the hiring of two equipments
  • Schedule: From 10:00 to 20:00. The delay in the delivery of the equipment will be charged as a new day hiring. The notice of such delay is complusory. Insurance and VAT included.
River descent with guide:
  • Alberche River 28,00 Euros/shift (from 10:00 to 15:00 and from 15:30 to 20:00)
  • Alberche River high watercourse 31,00 Euros/ shift ( from 10,00 to 15,00 and from 15,30 to 20,00)
  • Tormes river (Ledesma - medium watercourse) 31,00 Euros per descent, 54,00 Euros two descents
  • Tormes River high watercourse 34,00 Euros per descent
  • Personal assistance insurance: 1,00 Euro per day
  • Included the same equipment as the one in the descents without guide, instructor´s and canoeing material transport
  • VAT and insurance included
  • The same activity can be undertaken in different rivers and during several days
Calm waters. Place: Embalse del Burguillo (Avila), in the area of "Puente de la Gaznata":
  • Single-seater kayak: 12,00 Euros/ morning or afternoon. 4,50 Euros/hour
  • Two-seater kayak: 19,00 Euros/ morning or afternoon, 6,50 Euros/ hour
  • Canoe: 19,00 Euros/ morning or afternoon. 6,50 Euros/hour
  • Optional equipment: 4,00 Euros/ morning or afternoon (one by one articles)
  • Lessons: 37 Euros for half day - Budget according to groups
  • Equipment: Canoe, paddle and officially approved lifevest
  • Optional: Ask for prices for complete equipment hiring
  • Schedule: from 10,00 to 15,00 and from 15,00 to 20,00
  • Personal assistance insurance: 1,00 Euro/day
  • The same activity can be carried out in any other dam
  • VAT and insurance included

Beginners course in brave river waters. It consists of: 1). Elementary theoretical and technical part. 2 ). Descent of a stretch. Total: 8 hours lessons. Price: 48 Euros/ course. Personal assistance insurance: 1,00 Euro/ day. Equipment included: Kayak, paddle, officially approved lifevest, helmet, bathcover, neopreno, pumps and raincoat. VAT and insurances included.

Improvement course in brave river waters. It consists of two descents in two different stretches. Price 57 Euros/ course. Personal assistance insurance: 1,00 Euro/ day. Equipment included (see the above course). VAT and insurances included.

3 hours lasting esquimotaje course. Price 37 Euros (equipment included) or 25,00 Euros (equipment not included). VAT and insurances included.


Currently we cant ´t offer mentioned activities. Sorry!